What is the WC Fresher?
It is a very small precision dispenser for WC Fresher Cleaner Concentrate.
Is the WC Fresher suitable for every toilet?
Yes, the WC Fresher fits any toilet because it is very easy to install in the cistern.
Who is the WC Fresher for?
For hotels & restaurants, hospitals & care homes and private households so for every toilet.
How many types of WC Fresher cleaner are there?

There are 3 different types of WC Freshers:

  • WC Fresher Blue
  • WC Fresher White
  • WC Fresher Plus
Where can I buy the WC Fresher?
The WC Fresher is also to buy from us
For how long does 1 liter of WC Fresher Cleaner Concentrate last?
1 liter toilet Fresher cleaner concentrate is sufficient for 2,000 rinses
Can it be refilled?
Yes, the WC Fresher can be refilled several times.
Do I still need other toilet cleaners?
No, you do not need another toilet cleaner! The WC Fresher cleans and decalcifies the whole toilet in every corner of the room.
How do I know that the WC Fresher cleaner is used up?
In the toilet bowl when flushing there is no more foam.